What is a reading?

A reading is a conversation between you and Jenna during which we listen to our intuition and use a variety of tools to answer the questions you bring to the session. Depending on what type of reading you choose, the tools will vary from psychic mediumship (communication between this realm and other realms), clairvoyance (seeing images or answers), claircognizance (knowing answers without reason or evidence), and oracle cards.

For Jenna, these readings are like sitting next to you in a car looking out the same windshield. The field of vision is wide so there is a lot that can be seen, and yet two people sitting side-by-side can be looking at very different things or in very different directions. She can tell you what catches her eye, or you can give her some direction as to where to look. Most sessions are a combination of the two, Jenna describing what seems most present and you providing some direction for deeper clarity.

Basically, Jenna will know stuff that she doesn't necessarily know how or why she knows, and it’s very likely that your loved ones who have passed on, and/or your Angels or other Spirit Guides can show up to make a connection.

Is it weird?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because it’s not very mainstream and it can’t be easily explained, rationalized or quantified. No, because these are skills that we all possess, but many of us have forgotten how to tap into them. Also no, because there are no smoke and mirrors, no channeling or conjuring, just conversation and connection.

What are the different kinds of readings available?

Psychic Medium Readings - You’ve got questions, Jenna’s got answers. This session is usually a combo of Jenna’s claircognizant (knowing answers without reason or evidence), clairvoyant (seeing images or answers), and mediumship (communicating between this realm and other realms) skills. Sometimes you might have specific questions or categories, such as love life, career, or family, that you want to talk about. Other times, you might have a loved one you’d like to specifically reach out to for connection. And sometimes you’re just curious about what connections or information wants to come through to you. These sessions are highly conversational, and tailored to your particular needs that day.

Oracle Card Readings - Jenna uses several different oracle card decks to help you find the clarity you seek. During your session, you’ll be guided in how to choose between decks, how to approach with your questions, and how to interpret the cards you draw. Typically no more than 5 cards are pulled per session because the answers tend to be direct and confirmational in nature. Jenna does not do tarot card readings - oracle cards are different than tarot cards; not better or worse, just a different tool.

Chakra Energy Reading + Self-Alignment - This session is a guided meditation to help connect you to your chakra energy body. Jenna’s reading will guide you on a journey through your chakra energy system which will allow you to connect with each energy hub and therefore begin to react to the unique needs and pathways of your own system. Just like learning the signals of your other senses - to hydrate when you feel thirsty, for example - this session will open up opportunities for you to learn the language of your chakras.

Spirit Guide Exploration + Introduction - Spirit Guide sessions are guided meditation sessions where you and your Spirit Squad get to make visible connections. Your Spirit Squad is the team of guides who walk around with you all the time, and is a collection of Angels, Ancestors/Loved ones, Animals, Past Lives & Future Selves. In this session, Jenna guides you into a meditation where you get to decide which of your Guides you’re ready to open up with and make a personal connection. This is a safe space with heavy and solid psychic and energetic boundaries that only your true and safe Guides are allowed to enter and make themselves known.