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Holy Shit: How to Find the Sacred When Life Is Crappy

Jenna Long + Creative Babes + Thank Yoga

Calling ALL Babes who connect with "Something Sacred/Greater," but aren't sure how to express it, honor it, or interact with it! You might already feel a deep connection with Nature, Love, Higher Self, or even a relationship with some form of Diety or Divinity, but your connections with IT are abstract and maybe even a little vague. Or, you might not have a connection with your own spirituality, but are feeling something stirring deep inside that you want to explore.

Our lives are already full of ritual and even ceremony, but we're taught to separate our hearts and intuitive selves from our minds and our physical bodies. It is when we do with intention what we have already been doing by intuition that we become more powerfully aligned in Mind, Body, & Spirit. Using ritual and ceremony as a framework for discovering how the Sacred expresses itself uniquely in each of us, we'll dig deep, learning how to use these tools to create the connections that are calling each of us in our own ways.

This workshop will be a mix of individual process work to define the rituals already at work in our lives, and collective ceremonial participation. Each Babe will receive a sacred bundle of ritual and ceremonial tools used by indigenous peoples from all over the world to continue to develop unique connections to their own Spirit's understanding of Sacred.

Bonus Feature: This workshop held on same day as New Moon Solar Eclipse, which is Majorly Auspicious! August 21, 2017 is an amazing time astrologically for peering into the dark waters of our deepest selves and illuminating new paths towards wholeness.

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