On Shedding

The temptation will be to put it back on.

When it first comes off, it's an incredible relief. To be able to breathe again; expansion no longer constricted by all that has become too tight.

And then a growing awareness of your vulnerabilities, a nakedness emerges as you- out of habit - reach for the tools in the pockets of the coat you took off after a long winter. Feeling the chill of exposure, you reach behind you sure that the old familiar will bring you comfort.

But because the reason you took it off in the first place was that you have grown out of it, it means that there is no comfort left to be found at this source. It means that what was once soft and warm is now dry and full of holes. It means that your wrists stick out far beyond the ends of the sleeves, and the fabric irritates your skin.

Now the options fork before you - continue reaching behind to patch up the old, scratchy fabric and learn to live bone-cold, or reach forward into the mist-ery of newness to discover the warmth of infinite possibility.

September 2016 New Moon Spirit Walk