Calm to the Core, Recap 5

  • Surrender. Flow. Unfold. Release. When you are not calm more often than you are calm, the words above are really just a nice way to say, "unclench." Think about it: in a moment of anxiety or stress, the loudest physical signal is tension. And the physical tension is just mirroring the tension we feel emotionally, mentally, and energetically as we attempt to brace ourselves against the real or perceived discomfort of a situation.


  • Leave It, Change It, Accept It. When faced with choices or change, we always have three options: leave it, change it, or accept it. If it's something we want, it's easy to jump right into acceptance or surrender to the flow. But when it's something that challenges us, we usually have to cycle through each of these options, like steps, learning to surrender a little bit deeper as we go. 3 Steps To Surrender: Leave It/Denial, Change It/Control, Accept It/Surrender.


  • Hamster Wheels Vs. Windmills. In order to surrender to the flow of your life, you do have to give up a measure of control - but it's the difference between running the hamster wheel or building a windmill. Let's say your life is the wheel. And let's say that you are the hamster. In order to keep the wheel of your life spinning, you have to generate all of the energy all of the time. You, and only you, are responsible for any and all of the movements of that wheel. It's really easy to spin out, or get caught up in it, and you're tired all the time from the constant running. Now let's imagine that you build a windmill. You look around for the most open place, and you set it up. When you're done with the construction, you don't have to stand there and turn the vanes - if you did, it would actually inhibit the relationship between the windmill and the wind. Once your windmill is in place, you can move on to the other things that need your attention because you trust in your craftsmanship, and you trust that the wind will do its own work within it.


  • Just let go. Let go of how your life should be and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness. - Caroline Myss // We love clear directions. We want steps, and an aggressive plan of action, especially when things aren't going the way we would prefer. So it's no wonder that it's incredibly difficult for us to release control when we hold the idea that surrender is a passive act that leaves us on the sidelines of our own life. The thing that clicked for me, and that I love about the windmill imagery, is that I'm still involved. My action plan becomes clear; I'm not on the sidelines watching my life happen or generating all of the momentum, I'm participating by putting up windmills in all of the best places to catch the flow.

Our goal is to get out of a hamster wheel, but if you can do this then you need to keep doing this!