Calm to the Core, Recap 3

  • Exploring Spring as a metaphor for our own times of transition. Even if we're looking forward to the next thing, and we feel ready to make an exit, times of transition can be uncomfortable. Allow the Spring energy of the earth right now, remind you that you are in the flow of your own potential and growth.
  • Three Steps to Neutralize Your Triggers - Decide to let it go, Take responsibility/stop playing the victim, and Stay present with forgiveness. Most of us don't walk around feeling like we're stuck in the past, but all of us do have trigger points around certain issues in our lives. When one of our triggers gets pulled, we are instantly pulled into stress or anxiety or dread or fear. Your awareness of a trigger's presence means that you are ready to make the choice to keep them in place or move past them.

We need your wild fullness. Just bloom. We're all rooting for you.
(Get it? LOL - rooting for you!)

  • Flowers don't dream of bees, they just bloom and the bees show up. Set a goal or intention. Do the necessary groundwork for desired outcome. Focus on being the biggest, brightest, and best version of you, ever. When we decide to grow into our best selves, we will inevitably attract the right results - which may or may not align with what we thought we wanted in the beginning. It's possible to miss out on something even better, to settle for less, when we don't take the time to grow into ourselves.
  • Your life is already a supreme triumph.  So many things had to go right for you to even be here right now. And so many other things have to go right for you to keep being here to experience this crazy, amazing, insane, sometimes boring, or painful or weird, LIFE.