Calm to the Core Recap 2

Here's the deal

  • If you're serious about getting calm to the core, you've got to get familiar with the rule of opposites, otherwise known as the paradox principle. The paradox principle is based on the idea that what is seemingly contradictory in face value is actually found to be complementary when you dig deeper.
  • Fear is a signal that you're on the right track! Okay, so sometimes fear is a legitimate signal that something is wrong and that we need to hightail it outta there. Either way, truth is right around the corner. Three Steps to Move Through Fear and Towards Your Truth - Allow Awareness, Take inventory of Where It Lives In Your Body, Stay with The Fear.

We've been talking big. Big ideas, big concepts, big fears, and big work. So let's just start small and remember that even the tiniest changes can have an enormous impact.

  • What you risk reveals what you value. The things that we're willing to risk, big and small, are clues to what we really want from life, what we think is possible about life, and whether or not we believe we are worthy of achieving the desires that make our heart sing. More often than not, our actions tell us more about our deeply held beliefs than our thoughts or emotions could ever describe.
  • Mother Teresa said: I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, only love. // Lower case love is how you feel about tacos. All caps LOVE is the paradox, the Phoenix Cycle, the beginning and the end of transformational change.