Calm to the Core, Recap 1

Here's the deal

  • You are an exotic cocktail of dust and soul, bone and spirit. Sometimes it's easy to feel the stardust in your bones, to connect with the divine, and feel the oneness of all things. Other times, the realities of the daily grind find us crashing back down to earth collecting bumps and bruises all the way down. But most often it is the mundane or the painful moments of our lives where we find our deepest truths.
  • Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds, If you want to believe that there is magic in the world, but your own core "facts" suggest otherwise, then get belligerent and decide to believe in the nonsense of magic. If you want to believe that the world is a safe place full of essentially good people, then tell your fear to kiss it. Stick it to 'the man' in your own brain!
 Art by  Arizorus .

Art by Arizorus.

If you're serious about getting calm to the core, you've got to care about how you narrate your life.   

  • Falling and loud noises are your only two innate fears; everything else is a learned behavior. Sometimes, we pick up fear because we experienced something that we don't want to experience again. Other times, we pick up fear from the way we were taught to think or feel about something. Either way, fear is largely a learned behavior. This is extremely good news! It means that your fears can be unlearned, or at least neutralized, so as not to trigger anxious thoughts and disturb your natural sate of calm.
  • Be the weird you wish to see in the world. Our quirks and the thing(s) that we do differently from those around us can be the things that we stress about. When that quirk is pointed out publicly one too many times and it becomes a sore spot. If a particular situation was harsh enough or if we collect a certain number of similar uncomfortable events, we can bury our weirdness so deep inside that we can forget what and why we're hiding. 

These people are super into dancing and cats. No matter your position on cats, this video is weird and awesome and I'd argue with my last breath that the world is a better place because this video exists.