The Magical Mystery Tour Is Waiting To Take You(r Inhibiting Beliefs) Away

Here's the deal

In the New Yorker article, "Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds," author Elizabeth Kolbert discusses some of the recent scientific evidence regarding the limitations of the human mind's ability to reason.

When we're presented with facts or evidence that contradicts any of our foundational beliefs about a given subject, and we decide to hold fast to those beliefs instead of conceding our position, our brains are rewarded with a hit of dopamine.

This means that on a cellular level, you will feel good and right and true about a belief or a thought pattern that is quantifiably the opposite of what you really want and sometimes even think to be true.
Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety, depression, heartbreak, or grief (AKA: everyone) will immediately understand the chasm between what you want to believe or what you think you sometimes believe and what you are actually capable of believing during moments of high emotion or stress.

Before we can really do any grounding, or heart centering, or exploring the depths of mystery, we're going to have to reevaluate and possibly even challenge and change our deepest core values and beliefs about how the world works and how we see ourselves fitting into the picture.

Here are a few questions to get you started on your own Magical Mystery Tour to root out the beliefs that inhibit you from experiencing your own fullness. (BTW...the litmus test is stress. What is your default setting when things aren't going your way? An abstract idea is easy to agree or dismiss, but ask yourself these questions in the context of a real-time situation in your life.)

  • Do you really believe that the impossible is more than possible for you or do you believe that impossible things don't happen to people like you? (Example: I can't really live my dream and pay the bills. I'm stuck with these circumstances because this is the real world.)
  • Do you really believe that this world and the people in are always working towards good or deep down do you believe that the world is full of bad people doing evil? (Example: There are good people, but my faith in humanity is generally low and I am usually surprised when I see examples of kindness and charity.)
  • Do you really believe that your physical body is always trying to self-heal or deep down are you at the mercy of genetics and aging? (Look for the places where your default setting is, "That will happen to me because it runs in my family," or "I'm too old/thin/fat/unworthy to lift weights/lose weight/get healthy/stop having pain/etc...")

Tomorrow we'll discuss how to hack this dopamine reward system to help us change any of the foundational core beliefs that are holding us back from our own expansion and true calm.