'Brains In Your Head, Feet In Your Shoes, Steer Yourself In Any Direction You Choose

Here's the deal

You might be thinking, "I'm trying to get a handle on my anxiety and I just want some tips on how to stay calm in the face of so much craziness in the world - so what's up with reevaluating my core values and beliefs about how the world works and my connection to it all?!"

Here at Calm to the CORE, we find that tips for staying or getting calm are ubiquitous. A quick google search will garner you more info than you could possibly ever implement. We have all this knowledge at our finger tips and most of us still struggle to actually change our situations in any lasting or meaningful way.

Seriously, what is up with that?

Well, as we discussed yesterday, when we are presented with facts that conflict with our core values and beliefs, we will choose to stand by those beliefs even when we're proven wrong. The physiological reason that we do this is because we are rewarded with dopamine when we tell those facts that they can kiss it.

Dopamine is one of the major neurotransmitters that control the pleasure and reward areas of our brain, so when we get a rush of dopamine, we're super happy about life and this programs us to repeatedly to seek this action - and in this case, the action is belligerence or resistance towards actual scientific evidence.

Ready for your brain hack? It's all about using your powers for good instead of evil.

  • Take your belligerence and resistance and use it to create a dopamine reward system that allows you to stand up to the nonsense inside your own head.

If you want to believe that there is magic in the world, but your own core "facts" suggest otherwise, then get belligerent and decide to believe in the nonsense of magic. If you want to believe that the world is a safe place full of essentially good people, then tell your fear to kiss it. Stick it to 'the man' in your own brain!

At first this will seem like total nonsense, it will seem like you're running for Mayor of Crazytown, it will seem stupid and impossible. It will be hard.

The dopamine hits will be small at first, but will grow exponentially the more you practice. And you'll definitely need to practice. A lot. You'll also need to post reminders all around you, so download the graphics from these emails, or create your own reminders, and place them where you'll come across them frequently.

Breaking up a foundational belief is no small task - this is why we started with the biggest bite first. Now, as we move towards the smaller bites, the tips and exercises and resources, you'll actually be able to use them as you develop new neural pathways and uncover your true foundation.

This is how we'll get Calm all the way to the Core.