You And Me Baby Ain't Nothing But Mammals

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Here's the deal

Fear is a signal that you're on the right track! Okay, so sometimes fear is a legitimate signal that something is wrong and that we need to hightail it outta there. Either way, truth is right around the corner.

Either way, you're on the cusp of finding your truth.

Let's begin to reprogram ourselves to look for our deeper truths when we encounter our fears.

Three Steps to Move Through Fear and Towards Your Truth

  1. Allow Awareness. Even though we deeply want to find our truths, this step is counterintuitive for most of us because our brains are hardwired to survive. But, if we want to thrive, we have to allow ourselves to become aware of more information than what our neurons deem most necessary for immediate survival.
  2. Take a mental tour of your body. Sitting, standing, or lying down. At your desk, in your car, just before you get out of bed. Start at the top of your head or the soles of your feet and move through to the other. Notice what fear feels like in your body (things like tension, gripping, pain, itchiness, movement - can't keep still or don't want to move), and also where in your body you feel it (keep in mind that it may move around or show up in more than one place).
  3. Set Up Camp. That survival instinct in your brain will try to get you to run, or ignore, or move on to the next part of your day, but if you want to get closer to your truth, you'll work to keep your attention on the discomfort. Use the body scan exercise in Step 2 as a way to locate fear without getting too involved in your head. As you find where the fear lives in your body, breathe into it. Imagine that your lungs have relocated to that tight place in your chest or wrists or brow. Keeping your attention on your breath, instead of letting your mind wander through solutions or anxieties, will allow your truth to rise into consciousness with grace and ease.