Whether Or Not It Is Clear To You, You Are Unfolding As You Should

Here's the deal

We're told that to have the life we want we need to:

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Focus your life around the goal.
  3. Sacrifice for your goal.
  4. Never stop until you reach your destination.

But if we truly want to have it all, I think we need to tweak things a bit:

  1. Set a goal or intention.
  2. Do the necessary groundwork for desired outcome.
  3. Focus on being the biggest, brightest, and best version of you, ever.

When we decide to grow into our best selves, we will inevitably attract the right results - which may or may not align with what we thought we wanted in the beginning.

It's possible to miss out on something even better - to settle for less - when we don't take the time to grow into ourselves.