Weird is Just a Side Effect of Awesome

Here's the deal

Everyone is weird. No, seriously. Everyone single human being on the planet has some weird thing going on. Which means that weird's not the new normal, weird is just plain ol' normal.

Our quirks and the thing(s) that we do differently from those around us can be things that we stress about. When that quirk is pointed out publicly one too many times and it becomes a sore spot.

Learning to protect our soft spots by setting up healthy boundaries about who or when you share your quirks is a natural part of the maturation process.

However, if a particular situation was harsh enough or if we collect a certain number of similar uncomfortable events, we can bury our weirdness so deep inside that we can forget what and why we're hiding from the world.

These people are super into dancing and cats. No matter your position on cats, this video is weird and awesome and I'd argue with my last breath that the world is a better place because this video exists.

  • What are some things about you that you feel weird about or worry that others will judge you for if they knew?
  • How can your weirdness make the world or the internet or your cubicle or your dinner table or your day a better and weirder place?