The Recipe For Primordial Force Is Equal Parts Yin And Yang

Here's the deal

If you're serious about getting calm to the core, you've got to get familiar with the rule of opposites, otherwise known as the paradox principle.

The word paradox comes from two Greek words:

  • Para = distinct from
  • Doxa = opinion

And so, the paradox principle is based on the idea that what is seemingly contradictory in face value is actually found to be complementary when you dig deeper.

Many of us freeze in our various states of uncalm, bracing ourselves against the discomfort. But considering the rule of opposites, what might be possible if we lean into it instead?

This week we'll explore various ways to lean into our discomforts and hold space for our own paradoxical tensions.

Today, consider the following questions in preparation for the week ahead:

  • As a leaf is both still and moving in the flow of the river, what are some examples in your life where you are simultaneously still and moving?
  • Do you think it is possible to be content in the places of discontent inside of you?