Let It Gooo, Let It Gooo, I Am One With The Wind And The Sky

Here's the deal

You are in the flow of your own growth and potential.

Spring is a transitional time. Winter and Summer anchor us in cold or in heat, but spring and autumn are a little bit of both.

Even if we're looking forward to the next thing, and we feel ready to make an exit, times of transition can be uncomfortable.

Allow the Spring energy of the earth right now, remind you that you are in the flow of your own potential and growth.

This week we'll explore Spring, as a metaphor for our own times of transition.

  • For some spring feels like a beginning, and for others an ending. Consider your relationship to the season.
  • Transitions = Changes. Consider your attitude and automatic response to the word, "change."
  • Begin to name your potential and the growth you're hoping to unearth this season.