Are The Biggest Risks The Ones You Take Or The Ones You Don't Take?

Here's the deal

The things that we're willing to risk, big and small, are clues to:

  • What we really want from life.
  • What we think is possible about life.
  • Whether or not we are worthy of achieving the desires that make our heart sing.

More often than not, our actions tell us more about our deeply held beliefs than our thoughts or emotions could ever describe.

Fear or feelings of unworthiness can cloud our true values, and we hide behind a veil of perceived safety to avoid the level of vulnerability required for risk.

It can be difficult to distinguish our values from the values of the culture around us or the things that are important to the people we love. Taking an honest look at our thoughts about our desires verses our actions will shine the light on your own truth.

Identifying your true values is essential to staying calm. It's okay if you truly prefer safety and a steady pace. It's okay if you truly prefer randomness and risk on the regular. No matter where your values lie, it's important to be honest with yourself about what you want deep down.

The path of paradox is the journey of the Phoenix, and the light of your values will carry you to the threshold of true transformation.