Happy Talk, Keep Talking Happy Talk, Talk About Things You Like To Do

  cartoon by artist Ariane, aka: arizorus - find more of her  here  and  here

cartoon by artist Ariane, aka: arizorus - find more of her here and here

Here's the deal

If you're serious about getting calm to the core, you've got to care about how you narrate your life.

The stories you tell yourself about where you've come from, where you are now, and where you want to be make a huge difference in how you feel and think about who you are, what you're capable of, and what is possible for your future.

How quick are you to say or think, "Yeah, but {insert reason why it's not good enough}," when someone gives you a compliment. Or when someone makes a comment about the beautiful weather, how fast do you say/think something like, "Yeah, but it's going to rain later this week."

The script that runs in our head becomes automatic because they are directly tied to our core values and beliefs, and trying to stop yourself from having an automatic reaction is futile. So instead, let's work on some script changes.

If you were able to identify some core values last week, you'll notice a correlation with the kinds of things you hear yourself say internally. If you weren't able to identify any of the deeply held beliefs that might be holding you back, the kinds of things you say to yourself will be some of your biggest clues.

Action Plan:

Start small. Notice how you talk to yourself about Mondays. For most of us, Mondays come with at least an ounce of dread. Notice even your reaction to a tiny thing like, "It's Monday!"  How could you rewrite your Monday script so that there's even a bit less "UGH" about it?
See if you can pay attention this week to how you talk to yourself when you're the only one listening.