Winter Break

As the contraction during an exhale, so my body and mind contract during the winter season. Today the temperature was nearly 60°F, and I am very grateful for this small break in the winter weather to experience some expansion, the inhale, and the rest between the two halves of the breath.

Being outside, longer than the walk from car to house, with some bare legs and arms and no heavy layers, I could feel myself breathing more deeply; my physical self more at ease than it has been in months. This hike came with gifts of awareness about the places in myself (body and soul) that I still hold tight, even when I believe myself to be relaxed and at ease.

Questions were asked and they were answered with love, and messages of peace and encouragement. It is one thing to know and appreciate in your mind that there are good reasons for each season, but it is another thing entirely to be gifted with the embodied experience of such an abstraction.