Four Questions With Four Answers 1/4

 Photo by Mark Koenig.

Photo by Mark Koenig.

Hello, my name is Jenna! Even though we may be familiar on social media or in a professional setting, there is a lot that we don't know about each other. In an attempt to change that, for the next four Mondays I'll be answering Four Questions with Four Answers. Now, because of the format, these aren't going to be very deep questions, but isn't it most often the silly or seemingly insignificant details that come to mean so much to us when we're in relationships (of all kinds) with others?

Four Questions with Four Answers - Week One of Four

Four Things I Do Professionally:

  1. Reflexology
  2. Holistic Health + Spiritual Life Consulting
  3. Meditation Guide
  4. Yoga Instructor

Four Things I've Recently Watched on TV:

  1. PBS Masterpiece Theater
  2. John Adams (Amazon Prime)
  3. Star Trek :The Next Generation (Netflix)
  4. Les beaus malaises (Netflix)

Four Things I Love to Eat:

  1. Breakfast foods - more savory, less sweet
  2. Almond Butter
  3. Dark Dark Dark Bitter Chocolate
  4. Basil

Four Favorite Drinks:

  1. Still water - room temp
  2. Sparkling water - room temp
  3. Spicy ciders and ginger beers
  4. Hot tea - roasted dandelion root, raspberry leaf, and mint blends are currently high in the rotation.

I'd love to learn about you too! Join me on instagram or facebook using the #longjenna4x4for4 or tag me so that I'll be sure to see it.