Choosing Lovingkindness

Waking up to grey skies and the sound of traffic rolling over wet pavement made something inside me drop into heaviness and automatically my thoughts said, "UGH. Today's going to be rough." And then a sweet video of a tiny hummingbird having the best time taking a shower in the rain came to mind, and I remembered that I can choose where to hold my thoughts.

Just like our breath, our thoughts are both voluntary and involuntary. As I move through my day, I'm going to choose to change the trigger, so that when I see/hear/feel the rain, or notice the low light, or feel the heavy funk that rolls off a flat grey sky, I'll choose to move my attention to the picture of that little hummingbird.

Of course, my automatic thought will still be, "UGH," but my work is not to fight that voice, or create another negative one to berate myself for the, "UGH," but instead drown it out with lovingkindness.

How can you turn up the volume on lovingkindness in your thoughts today?