On The Occasion of the Autumnal Equinox

Equal parts, darkness and light.

For a long time, I felt my body and my brain were at the mercy of the elements, which made fall and winter difficult seasons of anxiety and depression. Because I believed that to be true, it became my truth and my identity. But as I explored the many ways to fix seasonal depression, I discovered that my imbalances weren't purely chemical. I discovered that I am not a victim of the rotation of the Earth, and I am not a victim of my own brain and body.

I discovered a power, my power, to choose and to change and to initiate new patterns of thinking and being.

The arrival of autumn used to be a day of mourning, but today it is a recognition and celebration of the bounty of spring and summer, and a time of preparation for a season of dormancy, stillness, and contemplation for the Earth, for my body, and for my brain.

I am no longer a victim to the rhythms of inside the boundaries of my physical self, but a very grateful participant in the wider, and deeper, rhythm that holds us all.

Peace to you as you work to gather the harvest, celebrate the bounty, put to rest what is done, and clear the ground for the dormancy of winter.