New Normal

When you take a book into the woods on a perfect day in early fall, you'll come across a boulder right next to the creek that has a spot scooped out where your hips will fit perfectly.

The God-of-Your-Understanding will not overwhelm you with profundity - which will disappoint you at first - but as you finish your chapter and continue along the your path, you'll become aware of the reason.

Right now, the reason that you're not having some kind of intense moment is not because something is missing or being held from you, but because what was once deeply profound is now your new normal.

And while there are still plenty of wonders to behold and preciously profound moments ahead of you, you will take a lot of deep breaths to ground yourself in gratitude.

Gratitude for just how delicious and wonderful it is to feel that Peace and Safety in the face of uncertainty, for this moment, IS the new normal.

And then you'll take a few more deep breaths of gratitude to recognize how close you were to missing the whole point in your search.