100 Days Project 2016 - Day 1

25 May. My own personal New Year's Day.

It's usually somewhere around the time that winter begins to think about becoming spring that I also begin to feel my own internal stirring toward renewal. Bulbs and seeds planted deep in my being begin to feel their way towards the sunshine, and my internal life flowers with a sense of beauty and possibility. Out from under the snow and the hard soil of winter, a theme or a word or a sense of being will make it self known, and it becomes the theme for my new year ahead.

So, around March I began to search for the signs of new growth. I did my best to clear the debris of winter from the garden beds and create some places of clarity. And then I waited. And I waited some more. And then I got a little concerned, but decided to keep waiting. Some things did begin to poke their head up through the ground, so, whew - I hadn't forgotten to plant anything. But I was still waiting for the thing, my theme, my North Star for this particular year of my life.

It wasn't until a friend mentioned her own 100 Days Project that things started to click. I knew immediately that initiating my own 100 Days Project was the path that would lead me to where I was looking to go. So I made a plan, and it felt so good - a little challenging, but still fun, and totally introvert perfect. And then I had a conversation with a different friend who, very lovingly, and without knowing it, totally blew my nice, safe, little sweet plan right to bits. Damn you, Personal Growth!

So the new plan is similar to the old plan, but not as safe, and definitely not as private. On a day-to-day basis, for 100 days in a row, I must spend a minimum of 10 minutes on each of the 6 categories. As schedule and interest allows, I am free to spend as much time as I want on any category, but 60 min in one area does not mean I can skimp on the other areas - I still have to do 10 min of each thing each day. And to keep myself accountable, I am posting daily updates on snapchat (@longjenna). I won't be posting about each of the 6 categories every day, but there will be pictures and/or video evidence that I'm sticking to it and figuring it out.

It was important for me to include self care for the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic levels of myself. For 100 days in a row, I'm committed to making time to do things that I have a hard time consistently making time for - things that I know are good for me, things that I enjoy, things that feed the deepest parts of myself, and things that feel scary to me.

What are you drawn to that you have a hard time making room for in your life?

What is your soul asking you to explore for no other reason than joy?

What can you do right now to begin making space in your daily or weekly life for the things that you need?